In a world overwhelmed by information, we pay attention to the things that move and connect us. Individuals and companies are forced to find new ways to emotionally connect to employees, leaders and consumers through the human element. Having self- awareness and emotional intelligence is no longer a personal journey, but a strategic differentiator for professional success.

“How do we decode our emotional experience to ignite our creative edge?”

TAPIN partners with Dev Bootcamp to bring you an interactive experience designed to jolt your senses and emotions and tap into what makes you unique. Through an immersive journey that brings to life our six main emotions – despair, surprise, fear, happiness, anger and disgust - TAPIN creates a multi-sensory experience that deeply explores our humanness and ability to feel, showing us how cracking our own emotion code can ignite us and the work we create.

Curious about what your emotion code looks like? Wondering what emotions inspire and drive your work? Try our Emotion Decoder to learn more!