From the "Best Day Ever" blog by Dana Mauriello

Inspiring Brainstorming Session

I went to a great brainstorming session for Tap In tonight. It really inspired and energized me to change up my routine with something new tonight, be around really creative people, and wake up my design thinking brain. I hope to bring that energy and inspiration back to work tomorrow. I also loved being around DOERS - it motivated me to act more on my many passion projects. The experience was a wonderful reminder of the power of passion and conviction — the brainstorming leader was incredible passionate and we were all drawn magnetically to her with a desire to do what we can to help her act on her dreams. The bonus best day ever moment was at the end of the night when one of the participants gave me what is surely among the best compliments that I have ever received — she told that I really inspired confidence in everyone else in the room by making them feel smart, encouraged, and positive with my responses to their contributions. I couldn’t be more happy and proud of that. Yay!