By Rebecca Burton and Anne Koller

In the distant past, our ancestors' healthy dose of fear served to protect them from the far more extreme dangers they faced, like being eaten by predators (saber-toothed tigers, cave bears, snakes, wolves, etc.). That same innate fear response remains within us today, and while the same primal instinct is generally not rooted in survival, its sensations can be just as strong.  Unfortunately this fear often holds us back and inhibits us from reaching our full potential.

What is fear?

Fear is the most primal of our emotions, and harnessing it is the key to achieving our greatest success in each facet of our lives.  Fear is the thing that holds you back from living the way you want to.  

Imagine what your life would look like if you could conquer your fear. What opportunities might this open up in your life? Think about how liberated you would feel and everything you could accomplish if your fears weren’t holding you back.

Why face fear?

What we tend to fear most about our own fear is our inability to suppress it, or being made vulnerable by allowing others to see it. What if we proactively sought fear out and welcomed it into the open where we could observe it and even express it to others?  We could then gain some control over it, and its power over us would begin to diminish.  If the alternative is to hide/ignore/fight fear and risk having it return, could the approach of facing it offer an opportunity to capitalize on it instead of being squashed by it? Could we beat fear to the punch just by acknowledging it? 

Consider this:

  • Your fear won’t kill you
  • The worst thing that might happen is that you become more afraid. Refer to point #1
  • Take comfort in knowing there are others out there who face similar fears

How can we face fear?

The beloved and late Nelson Mandela once said, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.” Powerful words, but what is the first step? How do we even start?

At TAPIN, we believe that in exposing our fears, we take the first step in facing them before they get the best of us, and we move towards harnessing them for good in our lives.  In sharing our biggest fears with others and seeing it outside of ourselves, fear itself becomes less fierce. Through this interactive dialogue we will see the commonalities between what frightens us and learn from each other.  By outing fear we aim to achieve our broader mission of exposing life's range of emotions to tap into their power and ultimately live our lives more freely.

Celebrate Friday the 13th as "Global OUT FEAR DAY"

Friday the 13th is a day that makes our skin crawl with nervous anticipation of our luck going sideways. It’s a day deeply rooted in Western tradition where the monsters and boogiemen of our nightmares take over and where we think twice about doing things for fear of something bad happening.  What if Friday the 13th, historically “National Fear Day,” became “Global OUT FEAR Day,” where we expose our biggest fears once and for all?  


Join the TAPIN community of people who are fed up with being shackled down by our fears and are boldly "Outing Fear" to take back our lives.  "What is your biggest fear?"

Send your biggest fear (140 characters) to or post it to our Twitter @wetapin and out your fear with us #outfear 

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