By Amanda Rose Walsh of Amanda Rose Wellness

Excerpt from blog:

While heading home after the event, I reflected deeply. Anger is the opposite of my usual demeanor but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel it or try to restrict myself from feeling it. I know better than that. TAPIN was an amazing opportunity to expose such an uncomfortable emotion and one that many people bury. Being a part of TAPIN allowed me to guide students safely into a space where they were able to feel, examine and let go of their own anger carefully, consciously and without judgment. 

From this experience,  I was reminded that....

  • Anger serves a purpose
  • It can be a sign, a call to action, an impetus to change or a form of inspiration
  • Anger is passion, intention and energy that can be harnessed
  • But it must be expressed consciously

I am thankful for the TAPIN experience and especially to Anne who allowed me to be a part of a community that expresses emotions with awareness, self-love and care. 

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