Boldly asking, "How do we find a deep inner happiness that is more than an inventory of fleeting moments and own it for ourselves?", TAPIN, in partnership with PLUX unveils its 2nd interactive installation in a collaborative series on human emotions.

Through life-sized light installations and visuals that illuminate the holistic experience of happiness, TAPIN creates a multi-sensory experience that fearlessly explores the deeper meaning of happiness.  This magical experience engages visitors through unique social interactions and activities, turning strangers into collaborators and viewers into artists, allowing them to transform their experience and the art itself. 

However you own happy, we invite you to tap in and collectively explore happiness from the inside out.  Join the global #ownhappy movement @wetapin and tell us how YOU "Own Happy" in your life. 

Special thanks to our creative partners, friends and hosts: PLUX, AQUA, ROTOBOOTH, SWEET LORENS, PATRICK NASH DESIGN, THE FARM


Starting by collaboratively outing their biggest fears in their first installation, “OUT FEAR. TAP IN: An Installation on Beating Fear to the Punch”, TAPIN continues their exploration of human emotions with “OWN HAPPY” to bring to life the holistic journey happiness offers. TAPIN takes the idea of happiness to a place where celebrating deep inner happiness is a full body experience that unlocks the full spectrum of human emotion.  More specifically, “owning happy” is having the power to choose how we feel, relishing the good with the bad, and most importantly, choosing when we own happiness for ourselves.

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Happiness is the IN thing.  Books are being written about it, Pharrell is singing about it, countries are tracking it, everyone wants it.  But how do we Own Happy for ourselves?  The TAPIN Crew came together to figure out this very question through interactive discussion and visualization that helped us explore what happiness is for each of us at and capture how we embody it.  This video is a representation of what we did.