From talked about to taboo issues, TAPIN is an approach for exploring and navigating our human experience with confidence, curiosity and compassion. Using ancient meditation techniques, cutting-edge emotional resilience training and collaborative art, TAPIN aims to give people tools to thrive and excel at navigating this ship called human.  Shake hands with Fear, sit down for a tea with loss, get to know stress, grab a bite to eat with anger, dive deep into relationship and mingle with Happiness.  TAPIN engages participants in the innovative power of life's inevitabilities and strongest emotions through multi-sensory and interactive workshops and experiences. 

We delve into the highs and lows of what it means to be human. In doing so we realize we are not alone, build genuine relationships, and find real power to help us better understand the world and ourselves. Most importantly, we unlock the emotional barriers around our dreams and begin to live FREE.


Through intimate, immersive workshops,  meditations and interactive art experiences, TAPIN empowers participants by giving them tools to turn the uncomfortable or overwhelming into fuel for creativity, emotional efficiency and long-term resilience. In a nutshell, we utilize our emotions as the portal to gathering information about what makes us tick, to better navigate our humanness and excel at communication, creativity and leadership.  And we do it in community.  


We are human and we will inevitably experience a range of emotions in various situations and event throughout our lives. At TAPIN we love to talk about about the highs and lows of life and discover what it means to thrive in our own lives and also within community. Below are some topics we have been known to talk about.  We are always open to suggestions. 


  • Conscious communities

  • Kick-ass brands and companies who want deeper ways to interact within community

  • Networking events

  • Healthcare and wellness providers who need support

  • Meditation teachers and centers

  • Public spaces

  • Anyone who craves emotional freedom and resilience

TAPIN® is a method for deeply understanding and navigating life's tough to crack issues together. Where strangers become friends, emotions are messengers, hard topics are fun challenges, meditation is tangible and art is collaborative. 


My world broke on July 4, 2011. My dad died suddenly from a heart attack. He was my mentor, my friend, my spiritual teacher. And he was gone forever. 

Books didn’t help me understand the depth of my grief.  People didn’t know how to approach or support me.  In order to deal with loss, I needed to find my own way of coping.  

By documenting my emotional journey through vivid photography, I found my way of healing and The Ashes Project (TAP) was born.  In sharing my journey with the world, people opened up about how they dealt with and overcame loss, and I learned I was not alone. 

TAPIN takes this experiment one step further, empowering others to expose their fears and own their emotional journey, boldly examining life's intricacies, inevitabilities and lessons one by one.  

TAPIN's mission is to help people better navigate human.  We hope in the process, the world will become a more emotionally connected place. TAPIN uses emotions as the foundation of gathering data and information about what makes us tick, and therefore, better able to communicate, create and lead with compassion and curiously.

 - Anne Koller, Founder of The Ashes Project and Creator of TAPIN