WE TAPIN so we can be rockstars in our work and in our play. We boldly expose emotions once and for all and take them into our awareness to feel and examine them carefully. We resist the urge to look away, knowing that our emotions are part of us and temporary experiences that when we explore, we are in ultimate control of our success, happiness, freedom, creativity and power.
— TAPIN Mantra


Shake hands with Fear, sit down for a chat with Reflection, get to know Anger, grab a bite to eat with Regret, and mingle with Happiness.  TAPIN engages participants in the unique power of life's strongest emotions through bold and playful interactive art installations.  Whether you are in the hustle of NYC, on the beaches of Rio, or in the cornfields of Nebraska, you are part of the TAPIN Movement. 

TAPIN challenges participants to delve into the highs and lows of what it means to be human. In doing so we realize we are not alone, build genuine relationships, and find real power to help us better understand the world and ourselves. Most importantly, we unlock the emotional barriers around our dreams and begin to live FREE.


  • Nominate: Pick an emotion we are aching to flesh out and explore
  • Explore: Meet up in crazy cool places around New York City and dive into the emotion through immersive interactions
  • Capture: Use photos, videos, visuals and storytelling to capture our exploration and create art 
  • Create: Design and develop interactive installations that invite people to tap in to the emotion and add their own invention to the experience 


  • Kick-ass brands and companies who know the power of harnessing emotions
  • Meditation teachers and centers
  • Conferences
  • Galleries
  • Public spaces
  • Anyone who is open and craves emotional freedom 


My world broke on July 4, 2011. My dad – the most important person in the world to me – died suddenly on that day. He was my mentor, my friend, my spiritual teacher. And he was gone forever. 

Books didn’t help me understand the depth of my grief.  People didn’t know how to approach or support me.  In order to deal with loss, I needed to find my own way of coping.  

By documenting my emotional journey through vivid photography, I found my way of healing and The Ashes Project (TAP) was born.  In sharing my journey with the world, people opened up about how they dealt with and overcame loss, and I learned I was not alone. 

TAPIN takes this experiment one step further, empowering others to expose their fears and own their emotional journeys, examining each feeling's intricacies and lessons one by one.  I know first-hand the freedom that comes from tapping in and really sitting with each emotion, resisting the urge to shy away.

TAPIN's mission is to help the world become a more emotionally connected place. TAPIN attempts to expose emotions once and for all, collectively stand to face them and courageously take action to feel through them.  TAPIN is about owning our emotional freedom, creating art in the process.

 - Anne Koller, Founder of The Ashes Project and Creator of TAPIN