If your week were a mountain, Wednesday would be your half-way point. Some mountains or weeks might be a difficult climb, others might be a walk in the park. How do you keep yourself energized, connected and aware in order to finish the week out strong even on those dreaded hump days?!  

Try these 6 steps to own your happiness on Hump-Day: 

1. PAUSE: Find a moment in your day to consciously PAUSE—whether on your lunch break, at your desk or on your commute.  Stop what you are doing and put down all electronics (we know it is difficult). 
2. NOTICE: Take 3 deep breaths and notice what arises in the body and mind.  What do you feel?
3. CATCH: Allow yourself to catch and place these emotions and thoughts in the palm of your hand as you extend your arm away from your body. View those sensations with an objective lens. How does it feel to acknowledge those emotions and thoughts as a separate entity? 
RELEASE: Take a couple deep breaths to simply be with those sensations without judgment, and then take your hand to your mouth and blow those emotions away. Watch them dissipate into the air, leaving you feel weightless and free.
5. SHIFT: Recognize the shift in your energy as you free yourself and create space for the emotions you choose to feel.  Smile and notice the positive vibrations tingle throughout your entire body. 
OWN: Own these new feelings and sensations and share how you shifted to #ownhappy on @wetapin or by emailing us: wetapin@thetapin.org.  Inspire yourself and others to get through your week, staying fueled and energized as you tackle the next mountain on your journey.