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Map your Happy Challenge

What is happiness at its core? What does happiness look like to you? Check out how the TAPIN Crew dove into this loved emotion to explore its true meaning and bring it to life for ourselves.  

Inspired by the article, "An Atlas of the Human Body that Maps Where We Feel Emotions", the TAPIN Crew came together for an Exploration on Happiness including an interactive discussion & visualization around what happiness is for each of us. We explored our definitions through a group activity (see below) and TAPIN's Head Storyteller, Becky Burton (aka Gus) revved up the conversation with some Happiness stats from "What Happy People Do Differently." The evening concluded in a life-size drawing exercise to capture how we embody happiness.  We discovered that while we all experience happiness differently, we collectively agreed that true happiness is gratitude, living in the moment and celebrating what it means to each of us! Owning happiness for ourselves - no matter what the situation -  became our mantra and call to action for our upcoming installation.  

Try this 3-step process to map your happy with others

Step 1: Take a sheet of paper and draw/write what happiness looks and feels like to you.

Step 2: Share it with others.  Take a picture of your image and email it and/or give it to a friend for a week.  Tell them about what happiness is to you and ask them to add what they are inspired by and what they want to share about their own definition of happiness.  Encourage them to send it to someone else. 

Step 3: Take a before and after picture and post it to Instagram and Twitter @wetapin #ownhappy. Then hang it on your wall where it can bring you joy everyday!