April 13th to April 22nd 
(Kick-off Call on April 10th @ 3pm EST -will be recorded-)

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Complete and detailed outline of Detox plan and all the goodies you get 

·       Complete attention and availability from Emma Galland and Anne Koller to support you in your Detox journey
·       A Detox e-book with the program outlined (meal plan, shopping list, recipes)
·       A daily email during the Detox to keep you on-track, motivated and educated on the process
·       Moderation of a private FB group where I'll be answering your questions and supporting you
·       Two webinars: 1/ A kick-off webinar on Friday April 10th at 3PM (will be recorded) and 2/ a wrap-up educational webinar on April 22nd at 12:30PM to leave you with a roadmap to keep your and your family healthy throughout the Spring (will be recorded)
·       Emma's Daily Integrated Exercise Plan and Videos
·       30% OFF each order of Zenberry for Detox Shakes if you want to include them in your journey (not required for Detox but very helpful for the last 7 days of the Detox, especially if you are traveling during the Detox).
·       A guest to guide our consciousness practice during the Gourmet Detox Journey


1. NUTRITION: 10 day vegetarian diet centered around the concepts of SIMPLICITY and GOURMET DELICIOUSNESS. It all starts with a 3 day green smoothies homemade with seasonal greens, fruit and superfoods. They can all be made in advance and enjoyed for 3 days in mason jars. The following 7 days are made of simple, comforting and delicious vegetarian dishes: More smoothies, Delicious breakfasts options, Spring soups, Gourmet Salads in a mason jars and dessert with Spring vegetables, fruit, grains, legumes and include a few dishes with fresh fish.

2. BODY: Daily exercise plan to get you Spring and Summer ready and motivation to execute upon it. Emma exercises daily following an integrated training program which combines flexibility, cardio, resistance, core, balance and reactive/power training. She will give you a gentle version of her plan suitable for Detox. It will include core exercises, an introduction to Broga Yoga poses, gentle cardio, balance training, and towards the end of the detox resistance training and reactive/power training. You will learn a lot and embrace your physical body in new ways. We'll also talk about exercise scheduling and how to eat around exercise. What you learn will help you get your body stronger for the Spring and Summer athletic months. Each exercise routine will be about 6-7 min. Beyond exercise, I will also teach you other lifestyle habits healthy and successful people have on a daily basis and which really help stay the course and feel your best.

3. SOUL: Consciousness Practice: Tap In and learn how to own your happiness from the inside out. 

Every Gourmet Detox has a consciousness practice and this Spring, we'll be inspired by the most incredible guide: Anne Koller. How do we go beyond happiness as an inventory of fleeting moments and define a deep inner happiness for ourselves? A place we come from and return to over and again no matter the circumstance, societal pressures or highs and lows of life. We will be exploring this very question during the Spring Detox with Zenberry’s Spiritual Teacher, Anne Koller, Chief Emotion Officer of TAPIN. 

Read a snippet of her thoughts on Happiness: http://www.thetapin.org/blog/owning-happiness-from-the-inside-outView her video on the power of emotions and where to find happiness HERE.