• Purehouse (map)
  • 473 Grand St
  • Brooklyn, NY, 11211
  • United States

The world needs and craves a fully activated you. Because each one of us is a unique creation, with no two alike, accessing our inner control system is essential to serving up our life’s masterpiece and leaving a legacy. Stop waiting for that million-dollar idea to hit you and turn stuck ideas into sparks by activating your secret sauce and creative power within.

Through boxing, yoga, meditation, art and movement this workshop feeds our bodies need to move and explore to be the bad-ass inventors, leaders and creative geniuses we are meant to be.

Workshop Includes:

Mind:  Meditation to unlock creativity
Body: Boxing, Qi Gong and Kundalini Yoga
Emotional : Compassionate exploration of inner anger
Artistic:  Art canvas designed by you 

Past participants say:

"Think of it as a "Creativity Hackathon" using mind-body-emotion techniques that get at your deepest creativity through exploring  the workings of anger."
- Last year's participant

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