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Crack Your Emotion Code: ‘TAPIN’ to your emotional power 

Ever feel like your emotions are distracting you from achieving happiness & success?
Wish you could convert emotions into fuel to optimize productivity and crush your goals? 

If so, this training is for you.  Calling entrepreneurs, managers, leaders, and all those 'determined do'ers' who want the creative tools to maximize their inner awareness and differentiate themselves in the world. 

Anne Koller, Chief Emotion Officer of TAPIN, leads you through an emotional education training that will help you navigate your emotions and their close family members - thoughts, beliefs and actions - to crack your emotion code; become master of your emotional awareness and not slave to circumstantial events.  Using emotional fitness training, mind-body conditioning, and TAPIN's Emotional Awareness Roadmap, you will uncover the key to true emotional freedom and resilience.  Learn to lead from an emotionally grounded place armed with the tools necessary to communicate and engage more effectively with your consumers, colleagues, and thought-leaders.


Mind: Training on the psychology and value chain of emotions 
Emotional: Roadmap for Emotional Awareness
Body: Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Class
Nutrition: Communal Ayurvedic Dinner from Ayurveda Café
Gift: TAPIN mindful postcard created by Graphic Storyteller, Nikki Kurt

- Videos and photos from past events here
"I really got a lot out of the workshop and left feeling uplifted and energized.  I never realized how important it is to accept each emotion that we experience and to understand the why and how of those emotions.  I feel more self-aware already, and want to continue listening to my thoughts and emotions, and to try to be more open to them and understand them better."  - Participant at  "Crack Your Emotion Code', AQUA, NYC, March 2015

"Your seminar gave me a better understanding of what is around me and how to cope" - Participant at  "Crack Your Emotion Code', AQUA, NYC, March 2015.

"Crack Your Emotion Code opened my eyes to the key role emotions play in life and how I can harness them to empower my creativity." - Participant at 'Crack Your Emotion Code', Ovient, Silicon Valley, CA, Sept. 2014

"At Crack Your Emotion Code, I learned to let go, trust the process, that nothing is permanent (especially emotions) and that I will always land where I'm meant to be." -Participant at 'Crack Your Emotion Code', Dev Boot Camp, NYC, July 2014


*More info on TAPIN and Startup Institute 
*Video on Founder and CEO, Anne Koller's journey to TAPIN
*TAPIN trainings are designed for all 3 learning types -  auditory, visual and kinesthetic - get ready to listen, create and move!
*Wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat and a water bottle
*Physical activity involved, all levels welcome