• Euclid Manor (map)
  • Euclid Avenue
  • Oakland, CA, 94610
  • United States

The ever evolving world of technology combined with the virtual personalities of people we love, brands we follow and access to information keep us glued to our screens. In fact, Nielsen reported that in 2015 Americans spent an average of 11 hours a day on screens - smart phones, TVs, laptops, etc - almost 70% of our waking day.  

While we are more tech and current affair knowledgeable from our time on screens, we are also experiencing from more stress, less sleep and a feeling of disconnection. Our first WeTAPIN chapter focuses on "screen time stress - the good, bad, the ugly" - to explore how we can manage the amount of information we receive and stay connected online and offline without becoming overwhelmed or stressed.

Join Anne Koller, Chief Emotion Officer and Hannah Tamezoujt, Chief Somatic Strategist of TAPIN® hosted at the Open Door community of Euclid Manor for an engaging night of learning, meditating and collaboration. Snacks and refreshments offered.