Do you wake up feeling fatigued no matter whether you get 3 hours of sleep or 13? Ever wonder how you can get more quality sleep? Our 3rd chapter of WeTAPIN, Sleep Anew, will focus on the power of the journey to sleep and increasing the time spent in the Alpha and Theta brain wave states to increase sleep quality and give you access to the creative and colorful subconscious mind. Join us on January 23rd for a night of sleep meditation (yoga nidra) led by corporate sleep facilitator, Anne Koller, and learn actionable tools for feeling more revitalized in body, mind and spirit.


With the Center for Disease Control and Prevention naming sleep as a national epidemic, over $4 billion dollars spent on prescription sleep aids in 2015, and Fatique Science equating the cognitive impairment of insufficient sleep to coming to work drunk, sleep is a hot topic for Americans and "How can I get to sleep quickly?’ and ‘How can I get adequate sleep' have become billion dollar questions. Anne Koller, Chief Emotion Officer of TAPIN and corporate sleep meditation facilitator, will present an alternative solution to our sleep epidemic using an ancient method, yoga nidra, to empower you to sleep anew.

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*Healthy snacks, delicious teas and a warm fire included
*No refunds after ticket purchase
*All tickets must be bought online, no money exchanged at the door
*We accept ticket donations to others who might not be able to attend otherwise


Being human can sometimes be difficult and frankly, frustrating. It can also be joyful and very fun. We are never given a "how to" manual for operating our emotional world, and unfortunately many of us now know how to navigate our phones better than our own hearts. Yet life, work and relationships bring challenges, and the only way we can learn how to meet them is through practice.

We believe the best way to navigate ‘human’ is to practice fine-tuning and leveraging our mind and body's compass - our emotions - to thrive during times of both joy and hardship. And we do it together in community. We use compassion and our life experiences to drive our exploration around universal topics that we will no doubt experience individually and collectively.


WeTAPIN is a new way to network and connect – by talking about real things and not just where we work and what we do. We offer seasonal opportunities to TAPIN to the resource of community in a safe space, co-creating solutions to meet life's challenges head on. WeTAPIN creates an environment where strangers become friends, hard topics are fun challenges, emotions are messengers, meditation is communal and art is created in the process. WeTAPIN expertly guides participants through four stimulating sections of the chapter:

Interaction: Engaging ice-breaker activities used to stimulate new connections through play and friendly inquiry

Information: Using cutting edge research to inform and guide group discussion related to the topic

Meditation: Facilitating ancient mindful and meditation techniques that can be used in daily life - at home and work

Innovation: Co-creating a way to navigate human through visual design and collaborative art

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