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In our busy and over stimulated world, emotions often seem like nuisances, popping up when we least expect or want them to, a consequence of an event or situation out of our control.   We think "I don't have time to feel this way" and ignore or put off addressing the natural data points we are given. RSVP

  • Ever feel like your emotions are distracting you from achieving personal happiness & success? 
  • Ever wish you could convert your emotions into fuel to optimize productivity and crush your goals? 

If so, this workshop is for you.  For entrepreneurs, artists, and all those ‘determined do’ers’ who want creative tools to differentiate themselves in the world. 

Anne Koller, Chief Emotion Office of TAPIN, leads you through a training that navigates emotions and their close family members - thoughts, beliefs and actions - to crack your emotion code; become master of your experience and not slave to circumstantial events. Using emotional fitness training, mind-body conditioning, and TAPIN's Emotional Awareness Roadmap, you will uncover the key to true happiness and lead from a more grounded and powerful place.  

Don’t become an emotional wreck or worse, a non-responsive robot unable to cope with the curveballs life throws at you. Take control of your ‘inner-motherboard’ to uncover new ways to ignite your creative powers and connect to yourself and your colleagues, thought-leaders and consumers.

Workshop Includes:

  • Mind: Psychology of emotions 
  • Emotional: Decoding the Emotional Value Chain and designing a Roadmap for Emotional Awareness
  • Body: Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and Qi-Gong
  • Nutrition: Communal Mindful Eating - Ayurvedic Lunch

Past participants say:

"Crack Your Emotion Code opened my eyes to the key role emotions play in life and how I can harness them to empower my creativity." - Participant at 'Crack Your Emotion Code', Ovient, Silicon Valley, CA, September 2014

 "At  Crack Your Emotion Code, I learned to let go, trust the process, that nothing is permanent (especially emotions) and that I will always land where I'm meant to be." - Participant at 'Crack Your Emotion Code', Dev Boot Camp, NYC, July 2014

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