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How do you react in times of fear? Does your fear of the future consumer your present leaving you angry, sad or guilt ridden? Does it drive you to act? Do you want to better manage fear and thrive in the unknown?

The world is a different place today than it was just three years ago when we did our first WeTAPIN gathering in New York City. We are living in a unique time in history where the future seems scarier than the present. We are facing uncertain times, and each of us are being asked to meet the challenges of the collective in new and innovative ways.

Our fourth chapter in the WeTAPIN series will go deep into our fear of the unknown by "outing fear" - coming face to face with our fear response, and learning how to march with it and through it with awareness and purpose so that it motivates appropriate action. Through somatic experiential work and a collaborative art mandala you will have the opportunity to tap into the places that scare you, within the safety of community, to mobilize your passion and creativity and ultimately architect the harmony the world so deserves. Join us March 6th for a night of inner exploration, meditation, collaboration and solidarity not to be missed. Come alone or bring a friend, business partner or family member and dive in.


Drawing from research on trauma and the body, Marching In Fear will allow us to touch the places that scare us, within the safety of community. Through exploring how our nervous system responds to a sense of scarcity or threat, we will come into contact with the core pattern of how we move in fear - our arousal response. Fear is our most basic, primal, and useful tool - it keeps us safe. The way we experience and respond to frightening things is rooted in how our nervous system is patterned - do we typically fight, flee, freeze, or collapse? This patterning impacts not only how we respond out of fear, but how we handle stressful situations, shock and surprise of all kinds. Once we have a conscious lived experience of our arousal response - where our nervous system tends to go in times of threat or stress - we can develop ways to utilize, mobilize, and come together with others to create a more secure and loving world.

Join Anne Koller, Chief Emotion Officer of TAPIN, featured in Huffington PostGOOD Magazine and Idealist.org for her work with bringing emotions to life through collaborative interactions and Hannah Tamezoujt, Chief Somatic Strategist of TAPIN, Marriage and Family Therapy Intern and Somatic Counselor, hosted at the Open Door community of Euclid Manor for an engaging night of learning, meditating and connection. Check out photos from what was creating in the New York #outfear WeTAPIN HERE.

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