WeTAPIN - a NetWeaving Experience

"Navigate Human, Together"
Redefining networking through play and creative collaboration
*Check out our past WeTAPIN events including "Out Fear" "Own Happy" and "Crack Your Emotion Code" HERE


Being human can sometimes be difficult and frankly, frustrating.  It can also be joyful and very fun.  Unfortunately, we were never given a "how to" manual for operating our emotional world.  We know how to navigate our phones better than our own hearts. Yet life, work and relationships bring challenges, and the only way we can learn how to meet them is through practice. 

We believe the best way to navigate human is to practice fine-tuning and leveraging our mind and body's compass - our emotions - to thrive during times of both joy and hardship. It worked in New York City so we thought we would try it out in the East Bay of Cali. 


And how can we best do this?  We don't do it alone. We do it in community. We utilize the support of others. We co-create ways to explore and navigate the tough stuff and have a ton of fun doing it.  We use compassion and life experience to drive our exploration around universal topics that we will no doubt experience in our lives as a group. 

WeTAPIN expertly guides participants through four stimulating sections of the chapter: 

  • Interaction: Engaging ice-breaker activities used to stimulate new connections through play and friendly inquiry
  • Information: Using cutting edge research to inform and guide group discussion related to the topic
  • Meditation: Facilitating ancient mindful and meditation techniques that can be used in daily life - at home and work  
  • Innovation: Co-creating a way to navigate human through visual design and collaborative art


We offer seasonal opportunities to TAPIN to the resource of community in a safe space, co-creating solutions to meet life's challenges head on.  WeTAPIN events are held conveniently post-work, on Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30pm hosted at Euclid Manor, a co-living, communal house where deep connection, bold inspiration and collaborative fun are the rules we play by.   

Upcoming Chapters:

Chapter 1: WeTAPIN to Screentime Stress (Oct. 25th)
Chapter 2: WeTAPIN to Generate Joy (Dec. 6th) - TBC
Chapter 3: WeTAPIN to Future Fears (Jan. 31st) - TBC
Chapter 4: WeTAPIN to Deepen Relationships (Feb. 28th) - TBC
Chapter 5: WeTAPIN to Manage Transitions (March 28th) - TBC